Student Testimonials

Yoga helps students stay in school and come to school on time. Yoga helps students with disabilities think more and feel happy. Yoga helps students listen. Yoga helps students come to school and not have an attitude.EP, age 16

Camel pose helps you with low energy because it opens up your heart. When your heart is open it helps you breathe better and gives you more energy. Warrior II gives you strength and helps you stand up straight and when you stand up straight it stretches  your spine and gives you energy…We should have a yoga class on the schedule. –LA, age 16 

Shoulder stand can help my seizures because it wakes up my  vagus nerve to wake up my brain. Legs-up-the-wall can help my seizures because it will get more blood to my brain and makes it smarter. Alternate nostril breathing calms my brain down and it gives it oxygen.TJ, age 16 

Child’s pose helps you by putting energy to one thing so you can get it done. Eagle pose helps by putting all your energy in the middle. When all your energy comes to the middle you focus on the main things you need to do. Butterfly pose helps by releasing energy I do not need by the deep breaths because when I’m done with my work and have energy left over I get in trouble. When I use the deep breath I don’t get in trouble.BC, age 16

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