Nora is a fantastic teacher. Her classes blend challenge with relaxation, and I always leave feeling accomplished, rested and relieved. She’s very skillful at blending strong teaching moments with quiet times for us to explore our own movement, and this creates a trusting atmosphere where we are encouraged to move in alignment and with freedom. Taking class with Nora has helped me with anxiety, self-criticism and mental distraction, and I am very grateful for both what she says and who she is. –Brentan, Chicago, IL

I am so happy that I met Nora and had her help to begin my yoga journey.  I always leave her classes feeling both mentally and physically stronger.  She is insightful and thoughtful and helps create an atmosphere that allows students to try new things without feeling self-conscious.  She builds classes that are the perfect level of challenge and adjusts her style to the needs of each individual in the class. In addition to her strong teaching qualities, Nora is also just an awesome person who is a pleasure to talk to.  It is very clear that she shares her yoga practice for all the right reasons!Jillian, Chicago, IL

Nora is one of the best yoga instructors I’ve ever had!  Her style is challenging, yet that doesn’t take away from the practice.  She offers different variations throughout class and always asks the students if there is something specific that they would like to work on.  She also always has a great playlist to go along with class!  Nora is fun, easy-going, and always has a smile on her face.  So glad I came across her class – it gives me something to look forward to on Mondays! Ashley, Chicago, IL

Nora is my favorite! She is one of the first instructors I had when I started doing yoga, and I have yet to find another instructor I enjoy taking classes with as much—sorry everyone else, the bar has been set pretty high! Her classes provide a great workout and an opportunity to relax and let go of a stressful day. I always enjoy trying out new poses that might be challenging, but she always makes accommodations for everyone in class. She encourages all of her students to do their best and the classes always have options for different levels of difficulty, it’s a no judgement zone. Not to mention, her playlists are the best!  –Rima, Chicago, IL