What is a private session?– A private session may last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes and accommodate up to five people. If you are looking to explore your own healing, work with a specific ailment or ask a lot of questions along the way, a one-on-one session might be best for you. If you are looking for some group healing or an opportunity to share something special with others in light of a celebration or “just because”, then a group session is where it’s at.

How much does it cost?– At this time, I am more interested in bartering. For example, maybe you are a hairdresser, so we agree to swap two 60-minute private sessions for one haircut, or perhaps you are an amazing cook and you want to cook me dinner in exchange for one 75-minute group lesson with three of your friends. Let’s work something out! If you don’t feel like you have something to barter with, let’s discuss a price that works for you. Here are the first-time student specials for those not looking to barter:

First-time student (private sessions only): three 60-minute sessions for $75

First-time students (small group of 2-5 only): three 60-minute sessions for $20/student

How do I schedule a lesson?– All you have to do is email me at with suggested days and times and with what goods or services you wish to barter. Please note that during the school year, I am only available in the evenings on weekdays and any time on the weekends.

When and where should I arrive?– It’s best if you or your group arrive approximately 10 minutes before our scheduled time. This will give us an opportunity to set up and discuss any current injuries or issues that might play a part in your lesson. For first-time clients, I ask that you arrive at least 20 minutes before our scheduled time so that we can discuss your journey with yoga so far and any concerns you might have.

I am happy to host you or your group in my home in Ravenswood. If weather permits, I definitely recommend something outdoors. It’s totally up to you! I am just here to make it happen. Be sure to include location suggestions in your email!

What should I bring?– If you have a mat and your own props, I would suggest bringing them along. If you do not have your own yoga equipment, just let me know in your email and I am more than happy to provide them for you.

Referral Program– Receive one free 60-minute private session when a friend you refer completes their first session!

Cancellation Policy– As I only take cash or check in the absence of bartering, there are no cancellation fees. However, let’s agree to practice some good karma here and cancel only in light of an emergency.

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